CNC Router version fail

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As I had some time on my hands, I decided that it was a good idea to make an awesome CNC router. As I am currently a student and thus broke af, It needs to fit a budget of less than 100 euros. Moreover it has to be able to fabricate PCBs to facilitate my other hobby and probably also some wood stuff I guess. Well lets begin.

I started with googling some information about CNC routers and quickly realised that the most difficult part to would be to to make good quality sliders on which each axis would move. After some time scrolling past solutions like using drawer sliders, I found some youtube videos of Roger Quintero and BasicFlashCube (probably not his real name) in which a simple L-profile together with some bearings is used to make a cheap, yet effective, slider. Using this idea, together with the power of Solidworks, I made a CAD model of my CNC to be using this method.

For the leadscrews I used some M8 threaded rod attached to a NEMA17 stepper motor via some tubing I had left around. Everthing would be controlled by an Arduino using a Grbl shield powered by an ATX power supply.

After some days building I got the following result in front of my gorgeous wallpaper:

The spindle I ordered for this project was still not there so I used my drill instead (which was far from ideal as it was my only drill around). Anyhows I sent some G-code to the machine using Candle and watched my machine hum for the first time. Aaaaaaaand that was basically all it did. My homemade leadscrews generated waaaaaay to much drag. Moreover the homemade bearing sliders had a humongous amount of slop and thus was totally unusable for PCB engraving. After trying to fix the slop for an x amount of hours I decided to call this first version officially a failure.

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